Honor Your Limits

For nearly a decade I've been passionately preaching to my students, peers, and teacher trainees to "listen to your body." If you have  been to one of my presentations, and managed to stay awake for the first 30 minutes, you've hear me try to convince all the Type-A's (and, well, everyone else too) that it's better to back off than to hurt yourself.

Super Bowl Health Hacks

This SUNDAY is the big game when the Pats take on the Falcons! Regardless of what side you are on, this is a day for excitement and cheering. The pressure is on everywhere! Don’t let the temptations of dips, chips, beer and brownies get the best of you. Researchers at Cornell University estimated that the average American eats about 6,000 calories on Superbowl Sunday. Holy moly. With accessible exercises and by thinking smarter about the choices you have in front of you to eat, you can break that statistic and really win for the big day.

Holiday Health Hacks

Thanksgiving can be a time for family visits, toothy smiles and wild conversations, while the scent of roasting veggies hangs in the air. With all the hustle and bustle associated with the season, it’s easy to splurge so here are some quick tips to keep you on track for the holiday!

Sugar says goodbye to ANOTHER 10 pounds!

You can exercise all of the time, but if you don't put good food into you, you won't have the results you want!

Sugar on Self-Sabotage.

If you've been following along these last few months, you've likely been inspired, like we have, with Sugar's honesty about her daily triumphs and hiccups on her massive weight loss journey. We particularly applaud Sugar for her bravery and honesty this month as she opens up about the more frustrating side of the journey!

The Journey Continues: Sugar Shares Her Struggles & Triumphs

The Journey Continues: Sugar Shares Her Struggles & Triumphs

And so the journey continues...

Sugar’s Fitness Update: “It’s Not About The Scale, It’s About The Tape Measure”

February was a month of chaos! While I had struggles this month, I still made healthy food choices and exercised. Interestingly, I struggled most with consuming enough calories and drinking enough water. It’s more challenging for me to drink water when it’s cold outside, and it’s difficult to eat enough calories when I am constantly on the go. Plus, towards the end of the month I was under the weather, and who wants to eat when they don’t feel good?

Sugar Tells All: Triumphs, Hardships, & Courage

Sugar is sharing her fitness journey with us, updating us monthly– and she's getting real about the process. Now, down 133 pounds, she shares what it takes to lose weight and get fit–including the triumphs, hiccups, and courage it takes to keep going.

Click play to get real (and get motivated) by Sugar.

Inside the Circle With Kristin Benton

Sr. Vice President of FXP Fitness, Kristin Benton, lost 40 pounds with a hoop, changed her career and transformed her entire life! Don't hold back–dreams come true inside the circle!

Compare Kits: Find your perfect kit to get inside the circle!

On Mindfulness: 9 Ways to Find the True You

Finding your authentic self, the "true you," is a journey unlike anything else. Stepping away from the mold that’s created for us through magazines and models and listening for what we are, who we are is a powerful way to honor yourself.