Trainer Spotlight

Trainer Spotlight: Nancy

Teaching FXP Fitness has been such an amazing experience and has opened so many doors in my life. It helps me bring a new, creative and unique way to help others find their own kind of happiness. That colorful circle has brought great joy in so many ways. For me, it helped restore a piece that had been missing for a long time. I feel like I am back to that girl I once knew and at age 55, I feel YOUNG again.

Trainer Spotlight: Christina

I have gone from being scared, timid, shy and unsure of myself and my teaching abilities, to secure and confident in what I do.

Trainer Spotlight: Tia Brown

Trainer Spotlight - Tia Brown

Tia Brown explains how FXP Fitness has changed her life and her self-confidence. Now, as an FXP Fitness trainer, Tia inspired others to become better, inside and out. Tia is located in Conroe, TX (suburb north of Houston). We love her story and are excited to share it with you!

Growing Up With Insecurities

Trainer Spotlight: Jamie

Meet Jamie, FXP certified instructor and studio owner of Dancing 4 the Fun of Fit in Ohio. Watch the video to find out what makes Jamie tick! You'll be inspired by her love for her studio, students, and fellow instructors, and how FXP has helped change their lives for the better!

Trainer Spotlight: Cori

Hooping has been a part of Cori’s life for as long as she can remember. At 5 years old, she picked up a hoop for the first time at a town hula-hoop competition. Not only did she beat all of the kids that day, but the adults as well! Little did she know that the hoop would change her life forever!

Sugar's Journey: Down 133 lb. & Fired Up About Fitness!

We are beyond privileged to introduce you to Sugar Geib! Sugar has been on an incredible journey that ultimately brought her into the FXP Fitness family last fall. She has been on fire ever since and as we got to know her more, it became obvious that Sugar’s story needed to be shared.

Trainer Spotlight: Laurel

Hula Hooping: How It Challenged Me To Be Better and Saved My Life

Why was I so closed minded?

Trainer Spotlight: Connie

*Connie is front row center.

We are thrilled to introduce Connie, a fun fitness pioneer and respected wellness professional for over 31 years. She resides in the beautiful Boca Raton, Florida and is the director of adult fitness at Organic Movements Dance Studio. There, she teaches four FXP Fitness Hula Hoop classes a week.

Trainer Spotlight: Suzanne

We caught up with Suzanne Hunter, the first ever FXP Fitness certified trainer. Here, she talks on how she got involved with hula hoop fitness, and shares her tricks on spicing up each FXP Fitness class she teaches. Read on to get inspired by Suzanne!

You were the first FXP Fitness Trainer to teach classes – how did you get involved?