Trainer Spotlight: Cori

Hooping has been a part of Cori’s life for as long as she can remember. At 5 years old, she picked up a hoop for the first time at a town hula-hoop competition. Not only did she beat all of the kids that day, but the adults as well! Little did she know that the hoop would change her life forever!

As a self-described “tall, lanky, awkward pre-teen,” Cori’s mother entered her in a beauty pageants to help build self-esteem. Many pageants have a talent portion that factors into the overall score- “I tried to perfect a traditional talent, but my singing was off-key and my tap dancing was off-beat,” says Cori. Finally, Cori had the idea to hula-hoop as her talent. “A lot of people laughed, saying no way could a hula-hoop ever beat a ballet performance; it had never been done before! Well, my hula-hoop talent was not only a favorite of the audience, but the judges as well.” Cori certainly proved the nay-sayers wrong and she went on to win the titles of Miss Connecticut Teen, Miss Galaxy Teen and won the talent portion at America’s National Teenager.

Fast forward to adulthood – Cori shares that “After the birth of my son, I once again picked up a hoop to help me lose the pregnancy weight. Something was a little different this time, I was exhausted and found I could not hoop like I used to.” Cori went consulted a doctor and was diagnosed with acute Hypothyroidism. Being Hypothyroid slows down the body’s entire metabolic process and makes it much easier to gain weight. Cori decided that instead of feeling sorry for herself, she was going to get in shape, but also inspire others to do the same!

At this pivotal point in Cori’s life, she says “That was when I found FXP® Fitness. Becoming a Certified FXP Hula Hoop® Instructor has changed my life in unimaginable ways! Shortly after obtaining my certification, I was awarded the title of Connecticut’s Fit Mrs. I used my state title to raise awareness about Hypothyroidism and share my excitement for the FXP Hula Hoop® system. After many weeks of hard work and changing one life at a time using a FXP Hula Hoop, I was awarded the title of America’s Fit Mrs.! I am thrilled to have the amazing opportunity to be a Certified FXP® Fitness Instructor and represent married women across the United States as we go on an incredibly fun fitness journey together!”

Cori’s energy is contagious and since this piece was written, she was also featured in a great piece by The Middletown Press! Cori teaches at Inner Circle Family Martial Arts Center and would love to have you in one of her classes – check out her “Hoop With Cori” teaching schedule if you are in the Portland, Connecticut area!

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Monday, February 22, 2016