FXP Fitness Training FAQs

If your question isn’t answered here, email trainers@fxpfitness.com

  • Am I required to take a training every year?

    There is no requirement to take additional trainings, though we strongly encourage you to take new modules to keep your teaching fresh. Each program’s certificate is valid for 2 years. In order to remain an actively certified-trainer, each instructor will need to attend another in person training.

  • What happens if my credential expires?*

    If you do not re-take the Level 1 training prior to your expiration date and do not complete any new modules your FXP Fitness trainer benefits expire. In order to be reinstated as an FXP Fitness trainer, you must re-take Level 1 training. Your membership benefits will also reset.

  • How do I renew or extend my FXP Fitness credential?

    There are two ways to stay current with your FXP Fitness training — You may retake the Level 1 training or you may extend your existing credential by completing and passing additional module(s). Each add-on module extends your credential for another calendar year from the date of your current expiration date. Note: Additional modules to be released in 2015.

  • For how long is my FXP® Fitness credential valid?

    All FXP Fitness training certificates are valid for 2 years, in keeping with ACE and AFAA.

  • Am I able to sell FXP Fitness hula hoops to my clients?

    YES! Email wholesale@fxpfitness.com for pricing on FXP Fitness hula hoops for resale.

  • How do I purchase FXP® Fitness Hula Hoops® for use in my classes?

    Studio Kits may be purchased through a trainer profile – by logging in at fxpfitness.com. They may also be purchased in person at any teacher training. Once a studio kit has been purchased, certified trainers have access to purchasing individual Hula Hoops®, yoga mats, and DVDs at wholesale pricing through their online account. Pricing is determined by type of license, if any.

  • Can I call my classes FXP® Hula Hoop® Fitness classes?

    In order to call your classes FXP® Hula Hoop® Fitness, FXP® Fitness, Hula Hoop®, Hula Hoop® Fitness (or any other variation using either FXP® or Hula Hoop®), you must be using FXP® Fitness hula hoops in the class and your trainer certification must be current.

  • Can I teach anywhere once I receive my FXP® Fitness training certificate of completion?

    There are no restrictions on where you may or may not teach the FXP® Fitness program.

  • What fees are there after I become a trainer?*

    There are currently no other required fees. We do offer an OPTIONAL licensing program that offers a variety of supports, services, and product discounts.

  • Are CECs available for ACE, AFAA, NASM or other certified professionals?

    The FXP Fitness Hula Hoop Level 1 training is approved for .7 ACE CECS and 6.5 AFAA CECs. We are pursuing recognition by other certifying organizations.

  • Do I have to hold an ACE, AFAA, NASM or other fitness credential in order to become an FXP® Trainer?

    While we strongly encourage all fitness professionals obtain a general exercise credential, it is not required for our training. The only requirement for attending an FXP® Fitness Level 1 Hula Hoop training is that you have a great attitude and a desire to learn. To attend a Hoopyasa Teacher Training, you must have a current Level 1 certification or be a 200 hour (or above) RYT.

  • How much experience in group fitness or personal training is required before attending an FXP® Fitness teacher training?

    Absolutely none. We all start our journey somewhere and our trainings are accessible to seasoned fitness professionals as well as those just starting out.