Several people suffer traumas that manifest both emotionally and physically. These usually result in undue anxiety and panic attacks, among other problems.

In several cases, post-traumatic stress can make it hard to accomplish emotional health goals and this is where the health benefits of SHEN therapy come in. SHEN therapy refers to a kind of emotional release that homes to get to each trauma’s root, so you can resolve them and move on.

People that practice SHEN therapy usually say that it works where other conventional kinds of therapies fail to. They even point out how reliable and safe it is and how suitable it can be for different kinds of people, no matter what gender or age.

SHEN therapy


The health benefits of SHEN therapy work through a one-on-one session series, where the patient lies on a SHEN cradle that is padded with his clothes on. Then, the practitioner will place his hands on or near the patient’s body to release and trapped feelings and bring them out, so they can dissipate.

Several people say they might move or twitch while this happens, while others suddenly relive buried or forgotten memories that were once trapped and have finally been brought onto the surface.

In the end, the patient is meant to feel calm and after several sessions, he should be able to get rid of any feelings of pain, anxiety and stress. The practitioner might talk to the patient or might not. This is usually up to the patient.

Health therapy

SHEN therapy can purportedly work miracles on various mental and physical problems. It can make people more compassionate, creative and insightful; help eliminate any post-traumatic stress; free people from outdated behavior patterns, debilitating thoughts and feelings; empower people to live in the moment; help eliminate chronic pain; and treat conditions like depression, panic attacks and eating disorders.

This hands-on tactic may work for several people and it can definitely emotionally relieve those who believe in the health benefits of SHEN therapy.