People are constantly searching for the next best diet, like the Alabama Cardiac Diet, one that promises speedy weight loss and still allows all the foods they enjoy. One of the fad diets that hits the diet market under a myriad of names, and makes its rounds every so often, is the Alabama Cardiac Diet.

This Alabama Cardiac Diet is supposedly a diet that is used by cardiac patients a few days before surgery. The Alabama Cardiac Diet is in no way related to or ordered by any hospitals, especially not for cardiac patients. The Alabama Cardiac Diet is relatively high in fat, sodium, and cholesterol, which would ultimately defeat administering it to cardiac patients.

There have been few supporters of the Alabama Cardiac Diet. This could be a result of the strict list of foods required, and possibly the precise amounts. Although it is labeled as being a weight loss diet, dietitians have stated that as a result of following the Alabama Cardiac Diet, there will be minimal actual weight loss.

Alabama Cardiac Diet

The weight loss resulting from the Alabama Cardiac Diet would be mainly water loss and some muscle loss. Unless you are eating fewer than 1,200 calories a day like on the Alabama Cardiac Diet, you will not see much weight loss. Lowering your calories to that level, would result in a significant weight loss if your body is not used to it, regardless of

what you consumed.

The irony behind the Alabama Cardiac Diet is the fact that it is supposedly used primarily for people expecting to undergo heart surgery within a few days. The Alabama Cardiac Diet is high in sodium, cholesterol, and fat. All three of which are in fact detrimental to anyone persons’ diet, but more so to a cardiac patient.

There are no doctors, or hospitals, known, that either support or use the Alabama Cardiac Diet. This is mainly due to the unhealthy aspects of the diet. Finding the right diet for weight loss may be more simple than you realize. It all begins with common sense when choosing

what foods to eat, and proper exercise.

The Alabama Cardiac Diet does not address either of these two main issues in losing weight. The food allowed on the Alabama Cardiac Diet ranges from eggs, to toast, and includes vanilla ice cream as well as peanut butter. The main point of the diet is its’ attempt to give people the assumption that the foods as they are scheduled out on each day are somehow a ‘right combination’ that encourages weight loss simply by eating them at certain times and with other certain foods.

weight loss

Many dietitians have spoken out concerning the Alabama Cardiac Diet, and are not saying positive things about it. The Alabama Cardiac Diet is simply a diet that cuts your daily calories so low, as to result in an initial weight loss, however, in the long run, the Alabama Cardiac Diet may be the cause of health problems due to the high fat content as well as sodium and cholesterol.

Research the Alabama Cardiac Diet, consult your doctor, and know your facts. Losing weight, even a little bit, at the risk of your health is never a good idea.