Losing weight is no easy feat, so whenever a new diet fad or trend surfaces, the general public is willing to jump on these bandwagons to achieve weight loss success. Unfortunately, what the general public doesn’t understand is that certain diets aren’t meant to cater to all types of people.

Among popular diet fads and trends, “diet teas” or more like laxative teas is something that most have tried at least once already. If you haven’t tried one of these diet teas yet, you might want to educate yourself more about it before you do. In other words, it’s best to know more about what you’re getting into, first.

Diet teas are more appealing to most people because the manufacturers advertise them as “safe” and “all natural”. Just because the ingredients in a product are all natural, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s safe. The natural effects of the ingredients are more concentrated and have higher potency levels, which makes them more dangerous than other products.

Also, some people have reported to have formed an addiction to these diet teas – a scary thought! As with any other kind of addiction or substance abuse, there are always the highest risks for long term health problems and medical complications.

In order to understand the way diet teas work, you will need to comprehend how laxatives affect our bodies. The active ingredients in a laxative stimulate the large intestine, not the small intestine, and cause the body to produce more frequent bowel movements.

These bowel movements aren’t your regular bowel movements; you don’t have any control over these B.M’s, and can bring about an onset of very uncomfortable side effects. These side effects can range anywhere from- intense abdominal pain and cramping, runny diarrhea, softening of your bones, and in worst case scenarios- dependency and embarrassment of having to wear a colostomy bag.

So if you’re still young, think smart before you try something that has real life consequences attached to it. There are safer and alternative ways to lose weight, and there aren’t any magic diet pills or drinks that will get you that supermodel body which you envy so much.

Medical researchers have studied the human body for many years and have found that some people simply can’t lose weight because of plaque build up and high toxin levels in their bodies. Because of this fact, diet predators are marketing diet teas, drinks, and laxatives as beneficial, because “they aid in ridding the body of bad toxins”. Unfortunately, the laxatives can only stimulate reaction from the large intestine, instead of the colon.

According to a popular adage- “life and death begin in the colon”, this saying should be taken seriously by all of those whom have overweight or other health conditions. Chronic illnesses, plaque builds up, and parasites all originate and accumulate within the colon.

Unless you eliminate these pollutants and toxins from your body, you will always have difficulty losing the weight that you wish to get rid of. The most important thing to remember about effective weight loss is this- as long as you maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, you will successfully achieve your weight loss goals.