You’ve probably heard about hundreds of weight loss products. We all know that most of them don’t even work, while the ones that work – comes with dangerous side effects. Instant Knockout is definitely nothing like others. Now you can easily shed all those extra kilos without having to worry about the side effects.

Instant Knockout – in-depth

If you are a fitness freak, the curious case of never disappearing fat on your body must puzzle you every day. What on earth can you do to make it go away? Sometimes, making it invisible by magic must seem the only plausible solution, right? Burning fat is important for any health geek. You can see it for yourself, the difference between fat struck and non-fatty gym members is a stark one, to say the least. The confidence that pours out from their stature is unmatched.

Some people try extremely hard to burn their fat by merely working out. While this approach works in the longer run, it needs too intense workout to work it for you. This intense workout can get the better of you if you aren’t careful. So, folks, what’s the solution? Fat burners of course! But hey wait, before you run to shop for them, it is best to identify the best. Not all fat burners can improve fat oxidation. Not all of them are safe and not all of them work. Which one is the best? A puzzling query, right?

The answer to this question is Instant Knockout! This product of meticulous research has been shown to have a wondrous fat-burning ability. In layman’s terms, you can say that its efficiency is more than twice, the inferior fat burners available in the market. And the best bit? Well, it is all. Not just the gym freaks and fight geeks, anyone who wants to shed extra fat is welcome to try this product.

To discover what makes it such a superior product, we have to dig a little deeper. This discussion is for all those who crave to lose their unsightly and slightly fat, without using any low-grade products!

The core ingredients of Instant Knockout


One doesn’t have to ponder too much about the reason why this fat burner is so effective. Its powerful effects have a lot to do with the ingredients involved in its making. However, these ingredients are not comparable to those used in other products available in the market. All of these ingredients are organic. Extensive research was carried out to determine if these had the desired properties or not. What are those properties, you might ask? The three main hallmarks of ingredients of any fat burner should be appetite suppressor, energy booster and of course, fat burner.

Well, now is the time to look at these ingredients individually. This will save you hours and hours of laborious research, which is for sure!

Green Tea Extract

The main reason for adding green tea extract in Instant Knockout is to speed up your metabolism. This ultimately translates into an improved rate of fat oxidation. Speaking scientifically, it is the process of thermogenesis, which is boosted by the green tea extract. Once your calories are burnt at a rapid pace, your stored fat is utilized for sustaining normal homeostatic functions of the body. And just like that, you have achieved an almost 15% reduction in your body fat. Wow seems to be the most appropriate word here!

Cayenne Pepper Seeds

Spices are usually added to those dishes which add fat on your body, right? However, it is not the case here. These pepper seeds contain capsaicin. Now folks, this capsaicin, can burn your fat just like your ex burnt your heart! A bioactive compound which has a repute for its hostility against the fat, capsaicin scares fat more than fat scares a gym freak! It is yet another thermogenic compound. Increasing metabolism and doubling fat oxidation are its prime job. In a broader picture, it leads to better energy storage. This has to do with increased insulin sensitivity, but we will not bore you with that!


We talked about appetite suppressors earlier, well here it is. Glucomannan is fully conscious of your food cravings and works on suppressing them effectively. This eventually translates into a remarkably reduced appetite. It is a dietary fiber that can keep you feeling fuller for a long period. This capacity stems from the unique carbohydrate branch structure of the fiber. Apart from these benefits and its use in Instant Knockout, Glucomannan has some other benefits also. These benefits revolve around the weight and metabolism-related health issues.

Instant Knockout customers reviews


Love this product!

I used these two years ago. I was gyming maybe 6 times a week, but was doing that before I started taking these. Definitely saw an impact when I ate sweet stuff…I didnt even like the taste of it so just stopped eating it..and I always felt full. My body fat percentage went from 23% to 19% over a 2 month period. Since stopping taking them, my appetite has gone up a bit but I do feel more controlled when it comes to eating sweet stuff. Would take these again as a quick fix for a holiday body as they give energy during exercise and stop the cravings! – Emma.

Make Me a Knockout

I’m a 26 year old woman and I’ve been using Instant Knockout for a ~6 months now, I started at around 63kg, and I’m now bouncing around 53kg. That was with minimal excercise and limited diet (I live on a tiny island nation with little to no access to healthy food). I started seeing definite changes to my form in the second month. Initially I did suffer from trouble sleeping due to caffeine sensitivity, but 6 months later it’s not so much of an issue. My biggest sticking point is 4 times a day can be hard to remember some times (no joke, I probably wasted my first month cause I’d forget to take it later in the day)… but overall, I’m happy with the results. I have more energy during the day, and losing weight has motivated my work outs – Peggy.

0 weight loss, 10 lbs weight gain

I’m 42 and I’ve been using IK with a sensible diet and working out 6 days a week for a month and it has done nothing for me. I actually gained 10 lbs and my goal was to lose weight. I don’t feel more energetic or focused, It literally did nothing but added 10lbs. Not happy – Anje Woodruffe.


We are pretty sure that at this stage, your mind is swarming with a lot of questions. How does the product work, what is its cost, where can I buy it, so on and so forth? We thought it would be best to mention, some of the most frequently asked questions about Instant Knockout. See if your curiosity is satisfied by one of the questions mentioned below or not!

Q: Are there any side effects associated with this product?

The side effects may include insomnia, headache, abdominal pain and dizziness.

Q: What are the ingredients in Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout ingredients are Green tea, cayenne pepper, glucomannan, caffeine anhydrous, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, and green coffee bean.

Q: What are the core ingredients of Instant Knockout?

Green tea, cayenne pepper, and glucomannan make up the core ingredients of this product.

Q: Do Knockout Pills work?

There’s solid science supporting the metabolism-boosting effects of green tea and caffeine. What’s missing is research showing this particular formula will help you lose weight.

Q: How much does Instant Knockout cost?

A one month supply of Instant Knockout costs $59.00.

Q: Where can I buy Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout can be purchased at which is their official site. You can also purchase it on eBay as well.

Q: How should I take Instant Knockout?

As said on the label, you should take one capsule, four times a day. Once before breakfast, once between breakfast and lunch, one an hour after lunch, and once an hour before dinner.

Q: What company is behind Instant Knockout?

The Company Roar Ambition is the company behind Instant Knockout.

Q: Does Instant Knockout contain stimulants?

Yes, Instant Knockout contains the natural stimulant caffeine anhydrous.

Pros and cons

pros and cons


We have mentioned the ingredients of Instant Knockout in previous lines. If you think about it, each ingredient is a positive point itself. Without these components, it wouldn’t have been possible to achieve the remarkable efficiency which this wondrous fat burner possesses. We mentioned three main ingredients in our discussion. But all ten ingredients used in formulating this fat burner are uniquely employed in this product.

Some other advantages that you will get if you decide to purchase this product are:

  • Optimal Quality: This is one of the defining features of any commodity, it is quality. And in this case, the makers have not disappointed us at all. It is the blend of quality ingredients that endows Instant Knockout with such a repute.
  • The money-back-guarantee:  For a product of this nature, a three-month money-back guarantee is quite a handsome offer. But the chances that you will want to return this amazing formula are almost none to minimal!


Although there aren’t many, you should be cautious of the cons as well. It is prudent because fat burners have to be taken in appropriate amounts. A little tip-over can cause dose imbalance, which can then complicate matters.

  • There is a little extra caffeine in this product. Hence, it is prudent not to use Instant Knockout with any other sources of caffeine.
  • If you are a vegetarian, then accept our humblest apologies. This fat burner contains gelatin, and hence, is unsuitable for you. But keep looking out, there might be a vegetarian version coming up soon!
  • You must maintain a track record of your daily doses. This record-keeping can get hectic sometimes!
  • The price is a little on the higher end as well, as compared to other fat burners available in the market.
  • There are some side effects associated as well. These include insomnia, instability, headaches, and drowsiness.

Final verdict


Instant Knockout is an excellent product if you want to kick start your metabolism, there is not an iota of doubt about that. Researchers made sure that they identified the never used before ingredients which were much more efficient than the ones used in inferior products available in the market.

One first thing in the morning, one before lunchtime, one in the afternoon and one before the evening meal. And boom, there goes your nasty old friend, fat!

Before reading this illuminating analysis, burning fat seemed a big deal, right? But by now, you must have realized it is not that difficult after all. And it becomes a much more manageable affair altogether when you have Instant Knockout to help you in this fight on fat! Now, we are not discouraging those who are sweating it out in the gyms.

No sir, you carry on your good work too. All we are explaining is how one right decision by selecting the best fat burner in the world can dramatically influence your strength!