How to Measure Weight Loss Without a Scale

Losing weight can be very stressful. If you have recently tried to lose weight, then you probably already know that it can be incredibly challenging. Most people that diet do not want to jump on the scale every single day in order to find out how many pounds they have lost. Luckily, there are several … Read more

A Fitness Expert Shares How to Get Better Results from Your Workout

We are continuing our series on exercise, fitness and health with Scott Colby, an internationally known fitness professional, public speaker and author of “Abs Uncrunched.” Scott continues to share with us information on how to lose fat. He is also the owner of, and creator of the on line teleseminar series, My Ultimate … Read more

Push-Up Pro Delivers Promises Made in TV Advertisements

Jack Zatorski, fitness guru and 2003 push-up world-record setter, says, “Whether you’re 8 or 80, your can use the Push Up Pro and I guarantee you’ll see and feel the difference in 10 days.” This unique product adds a literal “twist” to the push-up-a base that rotates, causing a twisting wrist action during each repetition. … Read more

Teen Weight Loss: 4 Safe Steps to a Healthy Weight

Figuring out a weight loss plan is a great strategy for losing weight. Below you will find tips on how to accomplish weight loss in a healthy and safe way. Set Reasonable Goals Losing one to two pounds a week are very realistic goals. Make sure you eat at least 1300 calories per day so … Read more

How Supplements and Nutritional Secrets Assist P90X

It is often said that knowledge is power, and that power is money. This is exactly what Tony Horton uses to solidify his P90X success. The supplemental and nutritional part of the program is perhaps as important as the routines and exercises themselves. This is because there has been over the last few years astonishing … Read more

Is Insomnia Killing You?

Everyone has a wakeful night or two. It may be something happening in your life or the cup of coffee you had right before bed time. However, if it becomes a pattern, there are some serious consequences. Studies show that getting less than seven hours of sleep per night can cause obesity, heart disease and … Read more

Health Benefits of SHEN Therapy

Several people suffer traumas that manifest both emotionally and physically. These usually result in undue anxiety and panic attacks, among other problems. In several cases, post-traumatic stress can make it hard to accomplish emotional health goals and this is where the health benefits of SHEN therapy come in. SHEN therapy refers to a kind of … Read more

Health Tips: The Alabama Cardiac Diet

People are constantly searching for the next best diet, like the Alabama Cardiac Diet, one that promises speedy weight loss and still allows all the foods they enjoy. One of the fad diets that hits the diet market under a myriad of names, and makes its rounds every so often, is the Alabama Cardiac Diet. … Read more