FXP Product FAQs

  • Is assembly required?

    The FXP Fitness hula hoop is designed for easy transport – it is 6, easy to assemble pieces that fit into a carry bag that comes with each hoop. Put it together, take it apart – any time you want so your hula hoop can be with you at all times!

  • Are there product warnings?

    Consult a physician before use and follow the product instructions as indicated.

  • I am pregnant, can I hula hoop?

    Always consult a physician before starting a new workout program and be sure to follow the product instructions.

  • Is there an age limit?

    The product is to be used by those 8 years old and up

  • How long has the product been on the market?

    The FXP Fitness hula hoop was first introduced in April 2014

  • Is there padding on the Hoop?

    There is not! The FXP Fitness hula hoop’s slender design and 2lb weight does not require a padded covering.

  • What is the material composition?

    The FXP Fitness Hula Hoop is made of an exclusive blend of Polypropylene and glass fiber

  • I signed up to become a trainer and I haven't heard from anyone?

    We are sorry you haven’t heard back. Sometimes the internet eats messages - Please email [email protected] and you will hear back within 2 business days.

  • How do I become a Trainer?

    We would love to welcome you into our trainer community. Fill out this form for more information.

  • Is the product available in different colors or sizes?

    The FXP Fitness hula hoop is available in 3 colors: black with either teal or purple and pink with white. It is currently available in one size (41”).

  • What are the workouts based on?

    The FXP Fitness workouts are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with movements inspired by the proven elements Pilates, Yoga, and Barre...all using the specially designed FXP Fitness hula hoop! The moves focus on toning and sculpting your entire body and getting your heart rate elevated!

  • How long are the DVDs?

    The DVDs range in length allowing you to customize your workout for how much time you have available. Each Cardio Blast DVD runs around 35 minutes each. Fit in 15 has three, 15-minute workouts so you can choose to do 15-, 30-, or 45- minutes!. Total Body Sculpt is around 25 minutes.

  • I haven't Hooped since I was a kid, what makes it easy to do it as an adult?

    It’s easier than ever to Hula Hoop with the FXP Hula Hoop because it’s a bigger hula hoop and specially weighted for fitness. This is not your typical kids’ hoop. We have exclusively engineered the FXP hula hoop with the optimal mix of materials that unlike other hoops, increase the structural integrity making it flex optimally. We also specially designed our hula hoop for fitness! Our exclusive design makes it easy to get started so you will be hooping in no time. Practice makes progress though- and the workouts have so much more to offer than just waist hooping! Want to know more? Watch this video! FXP Hula Hoop Video - YouTube

  • How many calories can I burn using this workout?

    According to a recent metabolic study done using the FXP Fitness hula hoop and workout DVDs, you can burn over 800 calories per hour with FXP Fitness hula hoop. The average user burns just under 700 calories per hour! That’s as much as Kickboxing or Hot Yoga Workouts. Metabolic Study Results Abstract v2-2.0.pdf (68.55 KB)

  • Can you add weight to the Hoop?

    The FXP Fitness hula hoop is ideally weighted for the FXP workout system and no additional weight should be added.

  • What is the size and weight of the hula hoop®?

    The FXP Fitness hula hoop is exactly 41 inches in diameter and weighs 2 pounds – perfect for the FXP Fitness exercise DVDs and should not be used with other programs.

  • What does FXP® stand for?

    Fun. X-cessible. Progressive. Here at FXP® Fitness, we don’t believe in the no pain, no gain. Our programs are low impact, X-cessible workouts that are a proven and effective way to get the results you desire. All while having fun! AND – you can always make the workouts more challenging by following the advanced versions of the skills and pushing your balance and flexibility.