Jack Zatorski, fitness guru and 2003 push-up world-record setter, says, “Whether you’re 8 or 80, your can use the Push Up Pro and I guarantee you’ll see and feel the difference in 10 days.”

This unique product adds a literal “twist” to the push-up-a base that rotates, causing a twisting wrist action during each repetition. This added movement brings other muscle groups into the exercise that aren’t involved in a traditional push up.

This additional element makes the exercise harder and fewer repetitions can be performed. These unique hand grips eliminate one of the major complaints about push ups-joint strain, especially in the wrist.

Along with the Push Up Pro, you receive an exercise routing consisting of four levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert. The beginner level involves push ups against a wall, with varying distances between your feet and the base of the wall. The intermediate level is a push up while on your knees. The advanced level is a standard push up, and the expert level is a standard push-up with your feet elevated.

Push Up Pro

The cost of this product is around half of that of a competing product. However, the Push Up Pro feels a little flimsier and the rotation movement isn’t as smooth as the product. The biggest problem is that the hand grips have a bit of a ridge that hurts you hands. This can be overcome by wearing gloves, or padding the hand grips with a sponge or towel. Once your hands adapt to the grips, it isn’t an enormous problem.

After the first workout, you can actually feel the difference between this and regular push-ups. You feel it in your upper arms, forearms and deltoids. All these additional muscle groups are brought into play by the rotating base and balancing your body on the hand grips.


After a week, you begin to see progress in how may repetitions you can perform and you can perform some of the more advanced exercises. After a couple of weeks, you can begin to notice a change in the muscle tone in your arms, chest, shoulders and abdomen. This simple, compact product can really make a difference in your workout routine.

In conclusion, this little piece of exercise equipment is very reasonably priced for the results it can deliver. You may have difficulty at first, but start at the lower levels and gradually work your way up as you are comfortable. The grips may be a little uncomfortable, but you either adjust to them with use, or it’s easy to wear gloves or add padding.