10 Shocking Side Effects Of Goji Berries

Goji berries are a type of berries which are fiery orange-to-red in colour and about 2-3 inches in length. They are native to Asia; however they can be found in other places as well. Eating goji berries on a regular basis in moderate quantity is very beneficial for your health. Goji berries have abundant anti-oxidants; they are anti-ageing in nature and also protect the body against number of cancers. Goji berries are known to improve the body’s immune system which keeps you protected against infections and number of other diseases.

They have lot many beneficial properties which make it nothing less than a super food. However goji berries are also associated with a number of serious yet strange side effects. Strange because you would have never imagined something like this to happen, and it just happens when you eat goji berries in excess. Let us have a look at some serious side effects of goji berries which must be taken seriously.

1. Might Interact With Drugs: Drug-food Interaction

Drug food interaction happens when any food item that you eat interacts with the medicines that you might be taking. In doing so it will either increase the activity of the drug or decrease it; both of which might be harmful for the body. Goji berries are known to interact with certain medicines which might be harmful.

2.Gastric Irritation

Consuming goji berries might get irritating for the gastric mucosa in some people. This usually happens in high doses of goji berries. The results of this gastric irritation are nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, indigestion etc. If these conditions are not taken suitable care of it might become severe and result into gastric ulcerations as well.

3. Increases Bleeding

Goji berries interfere with the action of warfarin. Now warfarin is a drug commonly used to treat and dissolve clots that form in our blood. Eating goji berries along with warfarin use can cause very serious health conditions. You must therefore avoid eating goji berries when taking warfarin.

4. Interferes With Action Of Diabetes Drugs

Goji berries are known to interfere with action of anti-diabetic drugs by acting on the pancreas. This disrupts the release of insulin and might result in increase in blood glucose levels. This can become severe if not taken measures at the right time. Therefore patients suffering from diabetesshould avoid eating goji berries.

5. Increases Blood Pressure

Goji berries, when consumed in excess quantities, are known to suppress the action of anti hypertensive medicines. This leads to increase in blood pressure. If not take care of, this interaction can result in number of heart related complications that might even be fatal. Thus eating goji berries must be avoided when taking anti-hypertensive medications.

6. Might Aggravate Allergic Rhinitis

Goji berries happen to irritate the respiratory tract, especially in people who suffer from pollen grain allergy. It might also intensify symptoms of allergic rhinitis if consumed in excess. Over-consumption of goji berries might in such patients results in breathlessness, excessive sneezing, nasal congestion etc.

7. Sleep Disturbances

If you happen to eat lots of goji berries in the late evening time; you are bound to experience a sleepless night. This happens because goji berries interfere with the sleep cycle and tends to keep you awake during night hours.

8. Can Cause Hyperactivity And Restlessness

Goji berries apparently boost your energy levels and make you energetic and hyperactive. Although this might come out as a health benefit of goji berries, but it is not. Staying hyperactive can cause anxiety, difficulty in concentration and feel restless.

9. Dizziness

Excessive eating of goji berries might cause dizziness. This dizzy feeling is accompanied by other serious events like blurred vision, getting hallucinated, other eye problems, feeling uncomfortable etc. Thus it is recommended that excess intake of goji berries must be avoided.

10. Complications During Pregnancy

Goji berries contain high excess of selenium element. This element is known to cause fetal defects during pregnancy when consumed in excess amounts. These defects interfere with the child’s development while inside the womb and thus the growth is not proper resulting in birth defects. Therefore pregnant females should avoid eating goji berries in excess. It is also known to affect the male reproductive process; sperm count and potency was affected when goji berries were consumed in excess by males.

Many of these side effects can be averted if goji berries are consumed in low to moderate quantities. Excessive intake of these berries usually triggers most of the side effects. Thus care must be taken to consume goji berries in moderation. If any of these side effects are observed it is best to talk to your doctor regarding the same.