Figuring out a weight loss plan is a great strategy for losing weight. Below you will find tips on how to accomplish weight loss in a healthy and safe way.

Set Reasonable Goals

Losing one to two pounds a week are very realistic goals. Make sure you eat at least 1300 calories per day so your body will have enough fuel to burn throughout the day. If you eat less than this amount, you may end up feeling sluggish or unsatisfied.

Do not plan to lose a large amount of weight in a short period of time. For example, you may say you are going to lose 10 pounds in 1 week. This is very unhealthy and may lead to a yo-yoing effect and vicious cycle of weight loss then weight gain.

Your goal should be to lose the weight and keep it off permanently. The best solution for that is to lose the weight gradually while changing your eating and sedentary lifestyle.

weight gain.

Develop Weight Loss Meal Plan

Plan out your meals and snacks for each week. Make healthier food choices. Eliminate snacking on junk foods, such as chips, cookies and drinking soda to name a few. Be smart about your food choices and make it a habit.

Does this mean deprive yourself of your high-calorie, favorite foods, such as ice cream, dessert, cheeseburgers and stuff? No, you can reward yourself with small portions of these foods. Keep in mind the key is to eat them in moderation and occasionally.

Increase Physical Activity

Exercise is key factor in losing weight. You must adopt an active lifestyle. Exercise can give you increased energy and make you feel better. If you do not have much energy, try starting out with small activities like walking the dog. You get the idea. Choose a small task that will get you up and moving around. After a few weeks, try running if you can. Adopting an active lifestyle will make a huge difference in your health and with your weight loss.

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Have a Support System

Make sure you have family or friends who will support you during your weight loss plan. They can be there to motivate you and help you succeed in your weight loss goals. Also, joining a weight loss support group may help. It may make you feel more comfortable and give you motivation to be around other teens who are trying to lose weight like yourself. Having a strong support system can be very helpful, when you are replacing old habits with new ones.

Losing weight is not easy, but it is possible and attainable with the tips that were given above. Good luck to you and have fun developing your new lifestyle!